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The Vision

Building a brand that stands for one thing, pumping
The opportunity
The traditional financial system is on the verge of transformation. With traditional approaches to mortgages, business loans, and payment processing feeling the heat from companies like Rocket Mortgage and Square. Blockchain is the up and coming dark horse that will usher us into a new way of doing things. With predictions saying by 2035 blockchain will be the dominant technology, something we have no doubt in, what a privilege it is to be on the ground floor of the new financial sector and to take part in a new wave of innovation. We at Green Chart want to be a large player in the industry of financial tools.
What every token is trying to do
No matter the token, whether it be Doge, Shiba, Safemoon, or a random fairlaunch coin. Everyone is trying to do the same thing, get you to buy. Now, why would I buy Doge, or Shiba? It has no utility, it's useless! Or is it?
When you buy Doge, or Shiba, you are buying the idea itself. It's utility is it's ability to pump. How come both of them have a higher market cap than solid utility projects? Because if you look at their charts, and zoom out, what do you see? One big green chart. Oh yes, we can have staking, we can have an NFT marketplace, we can have a swap, we can have a blockchain, but what's all that for? The only thing that's for is to help create a green chart. That's all it is folks, all you need is a green chart and the limits are endless. If people can look at a chart and think "If I bought there, I'd have X amount of dollars! I should buy now, so when the chart continues, I will have X amount dollars."
What Green Chart wants to do
The entirety of Green Chart is based on that sentiment. The only thing we want to do is to do everything we can to present a green chart.
After creating tokenomics which sole purpose is to create a green chart, which you can read more about how we do that here. Our vision is to become a hyper deflationary store of value, with a self-generating income, capable of being sent, received, and redeemed globally. After the launch of our project, we will right away look into developing a mobile wallet application, with fiat onboarding available globally, where anyone anywhere can purchase Green Chart directly from their phone! Once the mobile wallet is available, we will run a massive multimedia marketing campaign, through social media and other non crypto related channels targeting consumers outside of the crypto market. Consumers who are un aware of the perks we take for granted. We are confident that when we release our project to that market base, and they learn about the buy back & burn, reflections & the ease of purchase on our app on their mobile phone. We believe the conversion process will be quite easy, making green chart a household name.
This will open us up to billions of users. That same platform will then give users the ability to store their Green Chart securely on the platform, for years, if not decades to come. Not only increasing their investment, but allowing them to collect rewards for doing nothing! From there we will look to partner with big crypto e commerce platforms such as or Crypto Cart, which will allow for crypto offboarding, allowing you to spend your tokens! The final stages we look to have a functional blockchain, allowing us to use our tokenomics the way they were intended to work, also allowing us to partner with the biggest names in the industry without compromising our vision.
All of this done effectively, will give our token the the ability to truly post a green chart, and a vision where the rest of the crypto space looks at and says "I need to get into that!"