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A little background on what brought about Green Chart


In 2021 one of the fastest growing sectors in the cryptocurrency market was the meme token market. With over an estimated 60 billion market cap, greater than the likes of Ford, London Stock Exchange, and Twitter, the meme token market is nothing to scoff at. As trends come and go, from dogs, to reflections, to BNB rewards, one thing has remained the same, creativity. One of the things the crypto space should be proudest of is the creativity and ingenuity this sector has come up with. If you were to go to wall street and share that you can put 2,000$ into an investment, and within 3 days 10x your money + 24% rewards in all trading volume their head would spin! The meme market is here to stay, and ever expanding and innovating.
After months of watching the meme market from a far, Brady & Tyler noticed certain trends. From the days of pumping literal memes as tokens, to native reflections, to distributed rewards in external currencies, to buy backs and giveaways, one thing was clear. People would do anything to show you why you should buy this coin. Everyone was looking for ways to give them a green chart.
This small sentiment is what led to the development of Green Chart!