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Check out our all in one staking portal! Stake and vest your tokens here!


If we remember, the whole goal of Green Chart is to post a green chart, to maximize returns for investors. The best way to allow that to happen is to deter people from selling as much as possible. With that philosophy we knew staking was a must, not only for the chart but for holders. We had a few routes we could of taken for the staking feature, and believe we have come up with the best way to do it for the project as a whole, and for individual holders.


What we plan on doing is allowing members to stake their tokens through our portal dashboard. With options ranging from days to months, to a year. Each vesting option will come with their own reward rate. Those who stake their tokens for longer receive a better rate.
Only staked tokens receive the reflection reward. Incentivizing users to stake their tokens. As much as we would like to see a huge percentage of tokens staked, just the way it works we believe there will be under 40% staked. This means that the reward rate will be huge, since there will be a smaller number of staked tokens compared to circulating supply/holders. That combined with the vesting reward rates, a user could be seeing exponential APY's!
Once staking goes live we will have a better idea for exact rates and percentages and we will update this page accordingly.