Brady - Project Creator

From a young age Brady has always been driven to create. To analyze a situation, or an opportunity and say "How do we capitalize on this?" is something any creator needs. Always looking at the next wave of innovation and opportunity, with the eyesight to do what isn't being done. The proof of that truth is in the pudding! Brady has created multiple successful businesses that still operate today from the ground up. Taking that skill and experience to the crypto world.

Alex - Solidity Developer

Alex owns and operates his own smart contract/developer firm. Based Devs LLC. We reached out to his company and hired him as an independent contractor for development purposes. His company has a high standard of trust and excellence. Working for some big names in the crypto space. He is a skilled developer with degrees in computational physics and data science. With professional software development experience, he brings a skill set and knowledge to Green Chart that is un matched. We look forward to continue to work with his firm.

Gabriel - Website Developer

Gabriel is a skilled WordPress developer, who develops all frontend tasks (html5/css3/jquery) as well as PHP programming. Gabriel has an eye for design, who always tries to make his work as responsive, efficient, and accessible across all platforms. Gabriel has over 10 years of experience in HTML and CSS, 8 years of WordPress and PHP development, and over 6 years of jQuery and animation functionally experience.