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The solution = our tokenomics

Buy pressure!

The Solution

Here at Green Chart we have witnessed and studied project after project that has gotten ransacked by their own tokenomics. We know paper hands fold the moment they start to see sells, even when it is the contract doing the selling. So we thought, what is the best way to optimize our tokenomics and remove all extra sell pressure, allowing for a healthy green chart. Whilst still rewarding holders whilst allowing them to increase their holdings without having to use their reward money? We came up with Green Chart. We don’t have any BNB or external coin rewards on our token, because as we learned, that adds sell pressure! We only want buy pressure! Instead of a 15% rewards in BNB, we implemented our buy back and burn on all sell transactions! We are confident this feature will add buy pressure and make for a healthy, green chart. Attracting more investors. Remember, its only on sells! The buy back only comes from money that is already sold! Hence, no selling pressure! Just more buy pressure!
How does the buy back work?
What happens is, if one person sells 100$ worth of green chart. The contract will take 15%, so 15$. The contract will then use that 15$ (that was already sold) to re purchase Green Chart tokens. So even on sells, there is constant buy pressure being added. No one has ever attempted a 15% buy back rate. One may ask "aren't you afraid the high tax will scare people away?" Considering we have such a low buy tax, at the end of the day it is in the normal range of a meme coin. We also believe the help the buyback will give the chart, will outweigh any losses. Remember, we are building a vision and a brand.
How does the burn work?
After the contract purchases the tokens, it then sends them to a dead wallet. Removing them from circulation, where they are lost forever. This makes us hyper deflationary, constantly lowering the supply, which puts added value onto the existing tokens you are holding!

Tokenomics & Allocation