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Marketing roadmap

Our strategy is simple. Put the idea in front of the people.

The only way is up

We look to have one of the most aggressive marketing campaign ever seen. We believe if we put the idea of Green Chart in front of users, they will buy into it


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      The first thing we are going to put up is a public pre sale. We will have whitelist shilling competitions available for anyone who wants to partake. We will have unique competitions such as telegram & twitter profile picture changes, referral bonuses, BNB giveaways for retweets & so much more. From that we will select winners who will be allowed a whitelist spot in the presale. We will eventually allow the presale to be open to the public, so everyone has the ability to enter, after the whitelist winners get their chance
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      We will have a SweepWidget promo with tasks geared specifically for promoting the coin. We will have BNB give away tweets, project re tweets, video shares, profile picture changes. Anything we can do to just get Green Chart in front of other people organically.
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      With our presale being on the Pinksale platform, one place we look to advertise heavily is pinksale. Pinksale is a great platform with a huge following. We look to advertise our presale heavily on their TG channel and website. We will also be looking to do an AMA on their channel to help develop trust & exposure. We have contacts with presale from past work that have been good to us, and we know the results will be excellent.

Influencers Strategy

We want to put Green Chart in front of everybody in the space and more. We know new 'meme' coins can be a tough sell to the broad market. So we we will start with influencers and BSC related telegram & crypto channels, allowing us to get the best bang out of our buck. We aren't going to waste the money on random twitter channels to give us one shill tweet for 400$. That is money that would be better spent as a napkin. We are going to screen each channel by viewing coins they have promoted and seeing the results. We will check their comments/followers and other activities to see whether they are a real channel or just bots. We will not work with give a way channels either. We will also be doing more than just having 'shill tweets'. We know that it takes 2-3 tweets in front of a user until it actually gets taken seriously. We are going to focus on the big guys, to do multiple tweets, and let that trickle down to the smaller guys. We will also going to have influencers change their profile pictures to Green Chart, allowing us to advertise and brand Green Chart on every tweet, so everyone in the space recognizes the Green up arrow.
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    Bigger Influencers we look to work with (some we already have partnerships with). We also will be having them change their profile pictures.
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      London Crypto
    2. 2.
      Crypto Messiah
    3. 3.
    4. 4.
      Gollums Gems
    5. 5.
      Dacrypto General
    6. 6.
      Crypto Gems
    7. 7.
      Creaser's calls
    8. 8.
    So many more

Global multimedia campaign

After the release of our mobile wallet app with fiat onboarding, giving anyone anywhere access to purchasing Green Chart. We will begin the global marketing campaign. This campaign won't focus on your typical crypto channels and influencers. We will start doing social media ads, TV commercials, billboards, stadium banners, subway art, merchandise & clothing. We will be looking to create a brand. Where Green Chart will become a household name. We want your grandma asking you what this Green Chart thing is!

What we want to focus on

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    Introduce tokenomics to a broader un familiar market. Showing the upside and groundbreaking potential.
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      What we will be primarily focusing on marketing is how Green Chart, with use of the blockchain, is the next generation of investing. For hundreds of years, the form of investing has not changed. You buy and sell on the orderbook system. Even the household names such as Doge and Shiba, there still is nothing new to them. We feel that once we introduce "tokenomics" to the broader market there will be massive customer conversion. Imagine putting Green Chart infront of an audience interested in investing, and getting on the ground floor of projects. When they find out about the buy back & burn, reflections, hyper deflationary model, and the added buy pressure. It will peak an un imagined curiosity! We look to do all of this as soon as possible, with the conversations and media work starting before year end. We want people to be able to look at Green Chart and still feel they are early.
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    Show how blockchain is the tech of the future, and how Green Chart is apart of that.
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      Experts predict blockchain will be the dominant technology come 2035. We already are seeing what the blockchain is doing when it comes to financial services, It is turning the page on the entire sector. We are starting to see it cause some waves in places such as logistics, e commerce, advertising, and gaming. We want to educate people on the benefits of blockchain and bring awareness to what the future disruptive technology is. Confidence in the blockchain itself is a win for every crypto. Confidence in the blockchain is confidence in Green Chart.
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    Show how early it still is
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      We want to run on the coattails and give respect to those who have gone before us, who have paved the way, Bitcoin, Doge, Shiba, Safemoon. We want to convey visually, the gains each of those made over time. We then want to show where Green Chart is in scale compared to the others. To show how much upside potential there is. This, combined with the first two factors of showing a new type of investing being apart of the future technology that will change the world. We believe it will be a home run campaign. Look at crypto now vs a year ago. We can only imagine where it will be in another year or two!