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Green Chart Token

Only one thing sells in the BSC, and that's a Green Chart.

An Idea

"Strength in arms scantly equates to victory, nor the valiancy of the men, victory lies within the idea men fight for."
There is one rudimentary principal that has captivated millions into the cryptocurrency market, the ability to pump. With Bitcoins 60,000% rise over 10 years paving the way, to coins doing a 20,000% rise in just months, everyone is looking for the next green chart.
As mentioned earlier, the driving force behind all crypto projects is the ability to pump. We want to in no way discredit the technology behind crypto; from blockchain, to financial services & networks, there is so much more than just the ability to grow an investment. But when it comes to the monetary side of it, the investment side of it, it's all the same.
When doge goes up it's because their is hype that other people will buy it, when Ethereum goes up its hype about additions to the network. Now one may differ on the credibility of the principal pushing those charts up, but we can all agree that the idea behind them is the same. The idea is the ability to pump. "Doge is going to a dollar! Elon is tweeting about it! Everyone is going to buy it, get in now before it pumps!" "Ethereum is now deflationary and companies are building on its network! It's going to pump!"
No one can actually predict that either of those will go up. It's all an idea. Weather the idea is right or wrong, if everyone buys into it, it's right. Remember, as discussed earlier, victory lies within the idea.
That's what we have decided to create with Green Chart. A token who's sole utility, design, roadmap, tokenomics, and proprietary function is to pump. Even the name is geared to pump. When you take all of that, there's no telling it where it will go.
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